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Adding and subscribing to channels
To add a channel to your page or to change your subscription settings click 'Personalize My Channels'.

To modify the order of the channels click 'Layout'.

Adding other channels to the list of existing ones
Users can add channels to their online discussions and category news items. To do so just edit the object and select the appropriate choice.

To add a new external channel that is not on the list, request your site administrator to add it. You can find additional channel at
  • http://www.moreover.com
  • http://www.xml.tree.com
  • http://www.isyndicate.com

Channel update
Channels are updated on a regular basis but not in real time. External channels are updated once every hour. Internal channels (online discussions, category news items, etc...) are updated every 15-20mn. So be patient!

Default content for visitor
Only the site administrator is allowed to modify the default content for anymous users. If you are administrator go to admin for more information. For additional information visit the documentation section at www.metadot.com.

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